tirsdag den 21. januar 2014


Today i was to football practice!

It was a great day, the training went well. I played very well...

The blog

I've been so excited for making a english blog, so I'm glad to make my first blogpost! Well, I think it could be a good idea, if i started up by telling a little about myself. My name is Firoza and I am a danish girl. So right now I'm sitting in my room, looking out the window, where the weather is sooo cold and I can see the wind is blowing a lot. Now I'll tell you something very important;  I love being creative, I like drawing, painting and making DIY's, in return I hate homework, the dentist and running lost around in the rain because my geography sucks.
Actually, it was my sis who gave me the blogname, I was so lost with finding a blogname, since all the good names has been taking already! But then she comes up with a name who wasn't taken... I think that's a little bit funny that she came up with it just like that, when I couldn't -I even spend days  finding a good name! I think some of you will ask what kind of blog this is, and I may say it will be a mixed blog. It will be personal, but at the same time I will post some creative things, new in, some videoes (I am hoping that I soon can make a "Dare video") and a lot more!
Hmm... I think that's it for today, but if you have questions are you welcome to ask.

Hugs flora (that name my family call me)